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Family Law
Family Law
Kelly Law Office prides itself on making sure that residents of Mesa, AZ have the services of an expert family law attorney when they need it the most. If you need assistance in any child...
Estate Planning
Estate Planning
Kelly Law Office provides you the opportunity to create a well-formed living will, which will ensure peace in your family while your wishes are fulfilled. If you are looking to create your own living will...
If you are a resident of Maricopa or Pinal counties who is looking for help with the legal issues relating to a divorce or a legal separation, contact us at Kelly Law Office at 480-610-0010. We will provide you with...
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Attorney Serving Maricopa County · Parental Relocation Disputes
Family disputes are often one of the most distressing situations that parents and children have to face. The entire experience can be quite traumatizing.
To reduce the stress during a divorce dispute, you must consider hiring a family law attorney. With the assistance of a family lawyer, Mesa families can ensure that any parental relocation takes place smoothly.
The family law attorney that you hire plays a very important role in these cases, as the attorney will be able to bring to the table a pragmatic and level-headed line of thought.
These instances are quite emotional for the people involved, and the right family lawyer can ensure that all legal issues are handled efficiently for the sake of you and your family.
Family Law Attorney · Pinal County · Divorce and Child Custody Issues
Kelly Law Office can provide you with a family law attorney who is dedicated to taking care of divorce and custody cases that can turn quite ugly if proper care is not taken during the case.
Our professional services are known to be of the best quality:
  • We focus in the field of family law
  • Are well versed with the laws of Arizona
  • Have extensive courtroom experience
  • Good method of communication
  • Affordable family lawyer services
  • An understanding attorney
A divorce proceeding or a child custody case are sensitive affairs, and it is necessary to have a family lawyer who can understand your feelings and help accordingly.
Pinal Superior Court
Mesa Superior Court
Mesa Family Lawyer for Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts
Another important application for family law attorneys in Mesa is for the drawing up of family wills, trusts and estate planning.
Such events often get messy, and a professional family lawyer can ensure that everything takes place appropriately.
If you are on the lookout for a family law attorney, then Kelly Law Office is one of the best places in Mesa from where you can hire such services. We are capable of handling all sorts of family disputes and cases.
So, contact us at 480-610-0010 if you are about to face any divorce, child custody or parental relocation dispute. Utilize the services of a family law attorney from Kelly Law Office so that you can sleep easier at nights.
1921 S Alma School Rd.  Ste 306
Mesa, AZ  85210
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