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Child Support Modifications
Child Support Modification for Child Support Payments
Child support is a very important part of divorce proceedings for divorcing couples who have children. This is because children will be sent with one parent and the other will have to pay child support for the children that they have had together.
However, in an emotional state, people can often be exploited in this regard, which can cause them to have to pay much more child support than they are required.
Phoenix area couples can rest assured that with the proper family law attorney at their side, they can work out a child support arrangement that will be suitable for everyone involved in the case.
Restraining Order · Order of Protection
The assistance of a family lawyer is also required when it comes to cases of domestic violence and the safety of families.
If you have an abusive partner, then you can apply for a restraining order that will prevent the offending person from troubling or abusing you.
Women often find themselves victims of physical abuse and don't know where to turn. With the assistance of a family law attorney, women can get a restraining order to protect themselves from attacks from their abusive partners.
Kelly Law Office aims to provide services that will help people in the Phoenix area get a restraining order to protect themselves from physical harm or danger. This is one of the best ways to get your life back from an abusive partner.
Restraining Orders
Spousal Support Modification
Spousal Support Modification · Spousal Maintenance
Many people often consider spousal support to be a sort of punishment. However, it should be considered as a way to ensure that someone they cared for once is well taken care of.
Spousal support is a monthly amount that people pay to their divorced partners that have lower earning potential so that they can still live out their lives with dignity.
If you are looking for help with a spousal support agreement in the Phoenix area, then Kelly Law Office is the place that can ensure that everything is taken care of a legal manner.
Call Kelly Law Office at 480-610-0010 to get the assistance of a family law attorney for all cases involving child support or spousal support, or if you need to get a restraining order to protect yourself from an abusive partner.
1921 S Alma School Rd.  Ste 306
Mesa, AZ  85210
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