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Family Law
Family Law · Child Custody, Visitation and Paternity
The most bitter and difficult part of a divorce is usually the argument about child custody. This is one of the most difficult battles between divorcing couples, with both of them going to insane degrees to ensure that they get to keep their children.
Many times, these child custody battles tend to create a lot of damage in the minds of the children themselves as they see their parents fighting so viciously.
However, to ensure that this process takes place with a minimum amount of damage, the best thing to do is to hire a family law attorney who can ensure that the child custody case is settled with dignity.
Child Custody Modifications · Modification of Child Support
Child custody cases are not just about who gets to keep the kids after the divorce. There are also a lot of financial details that have to be taken into consideration.
Payment of child support and visiting rights also have to be decided so that children have access to both parents.
When it comes to protecting the children, a family law attorney like those at Kelly Law Office is dedicated to helping residents of Chandler, AZ in these distinct areas:
  • The best interest of the child
  • The details of child support
  • All the financial consideration for the children's future
  • Proper communication about child custody
Paternity Establishment · Establishing Paternity
Nowadays, an area in which a family law attorney can really help you is in determining the paternity of any child born out of wedlock.
With paternity testing becoming an important method in deciding parenthood, more people are doing it to be sure of their roots.
Paternity determination is most often needed when certain benefits are being transferred from a father to his child, such as:
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Veteran's Benefits
  • Life Insurance Policies
If you need assistance in any child custody case or paternity determination, call Kelly Law Office at 480-610-0010.
Kelly Law Office prides itself on making sure that Arizona residents in the Phoenix area have the services of an expert family law attorney when they need it the most.
1921 S Alma School Rd.  Ste 306
Mesa, AZ  85210
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