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Estate Planning
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Estate Planning · Attorney Prepared Trusts and Wills
The main reason why people often ignore estate planning is because the need for it seems so far away in the future.
However, no one can say how fast times can change, and people must be prepared to weather any of the storms that come in their lives.
Some of the issues that estate planning can help you plan and foresee are:
  • Final will and testament
  • Second marriage
  • Future of your children
Getting a will and testament drawn up by an attorney who focuses in estate planning will ensure that you and your family will be prepared for any eventuality.
Power of Attorney (POA) · Estate Planning Services
In legal terms, a power of attorney is a document that basically provides authorization to another individual to act on your behalf.
This usually occurs when someone is not able to act on their own behalf and thus needs someone else to take the actions for them.
Appointing a power of attorney should be something that is done very carefully, as the power that you provide to the other person is quite great and should be well thought out.
Kelly Law Office suggests that people in the Phoenix are get the professional help of an estate planning attorney when they need help with preparing a power of attorney.
An attorney from Kelly Law Office will carefully word the agreement so that the person who holds your power of attorney is made to follow instructions according to your wishes.
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Living Will or Will · Family Attorney Services
A living will is something that many people do not even wish to talk about. Merely thinking about their own demise fills them with a bit of dread, which puts them off the task.
However, Phoenix area residents will be able to benefit a lot from making their own living will, which will help your family to avoid conflict should something happen to you.
Kelly Law Office provides you the opportunity to create a well-formed living will, which will ensure peace in your family while your wishes are fulfilled.
If you are looking to create your own living will or a power of attorney agreement, get in touch with an estate planning attorney at Kelly Law Office at 480-610-0010.
1921 S Alma School Rd.  Ste 306
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