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Divorce Attorney · Experienced Divorce Lawyer
It is said that over 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Phoenix area residents are no different and may be experiencing the difficulties that take place when a marriage comes to an end.
Even though it is a painful event, a divorce is sometimes the only way out of an unhappy marriage. Therefore, it is important to get a good divorce attorney who can handle the situation in a professional and sensitive manner.
A divorce attorney is an individual who can help you out the most in a divorce situation like this. The divorce attorneys at Kelly Law Office are proud to announce that they have the experience necessary to handle divorce cases and other cases related to family law.
Divorce Attorney for Contested or Uncontested Divorce
Even though a divorce is something that should not happen to anyone, the truth is that divorces take place from time to time.
If you are going through a divorce, a divorce attorney from Kelly Law Office will be there to advise you throughout the entire process.
A divorce is often very difficult for the people involved, and they can become quite emotional and touchy. However, a divorce attorney can be the voice of reason and balance that you need in such a turbulent time.
A divorce attorney ensures that you get the the expert help you need during this time, and that this tough time is not made even tougher because of legal issues.
Law Library
Law Library
Legal Separation Services · Custody and Child Support
Many times, when couples are going through marital problems, a divorce may seem like an extreme step to take. An alternative is a legal separation, which can give them the space they need to calmly decide what needs to be done next.
A legal separation allows couples to take the time to cool off without actually starting the procedure for a divorce. This is good because many times couples are able to solve their problems without having to break up the family.
If you are a resident of the Phoenix area who is looking for help with the legal issues relating to a divorce or a legal separation, contact the Kelly Law Office at 480-610-0010.
We will provide you with a divorce attorney who is committed to providing you with the balance that you need in such times.
1921 S Alma School Rd.  Ste 306
Mesa, AZ  85210
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